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Your Local Gas Station Dedicated to Simi Valley Since '98

Long before the bustling streets and the myriad of cars, this Sycamore Dr location laid its foundation in 1967. In 1998, our family took over, infusing it with love, commitment, and dedication that only a family-run establishment can provide. Ever since, we've been more than just a service provider in Simi Valley. We've become a part of countless morning routines, road trip pit stops, and last-minute dashes for forgotten groceries. It's in these everyday moments that our bond with you has deepened, transcending beyond a mere business relationship.

With every refuel, car wash, or quick store visit, we strive for excellence, ensuring that our services resonate with the legacy we've built over decades. As we look ahead, our promise remains unchanged: serving you with the same authenticity and warmth that our family has held dear since '98. Family-driven, community-loved, and tirelessly dedicated.

From Fill-Ups to Fix-Ups: Comprehensive Services for the Modern Driver

Journey with confidence, knowing we've got your back at every turn. Call us for more information on any of the following options:

  • Self-Service Gas Station
  • Convenient Store
  • Beer and Wine
  • Posters and T-Shirts
  • Delta 8 THC Vapes
  • Self-Service Car Wash
  • STAR-Certified Smog Check Service
  • DMV Services
  • Vehicle Registration and Renewal
  • Title Transfer
  • Substitute License Plate
  • Substitute Registration Sticker for all vehicles
  • VIN Verification

Wash, Fuel, and Save!

Step into the future with our state-of-the-art drive-thru car wash. And here's a tip: when you combine a car wash with a gasoline purchase or use your Fuel Rewards, Ralph's Rewards, you won't be paying the full price for that gas. Savings galore!

Your Ticket to Certified Smog Testing

Smog check hours

Mon-Fri 8-5 / Sat 8-3 / Sun closed

Meet the state's requirements without a hitch. As a STAR Certified Smog Test Center, we've got all the essential smog checks covered for you. Efficient, quick, and certified!

From Our Happy Customers!

Sara Zepeda
Sara Zepeda
This is the main gas station I go to in town and that is because of how helpful and welcoming the staff are. I recently got my smog checked here for the first time and Havi assisted me. He answered every question I had and went above and beyond to make sure all of my concerns were addressed. Since then, Havi has answered any and all questions I have about engine issues whenever I stop in. Havi is great and I will definitely have my smog taken care of here next time around.
Anu Kaur
Anu Kaur
The BEST gas station in Simi Valley hands down! Excellent customer service. Friendly staff. DMV services offered quick and efficiently. My favorite alcohol is only sold here and no other store in Simi has it so I find myself here often and I am always greeted with a smile from the cashier. This has been my smog shop for over 25 years, the staff is fantastic and they always take care of me. The car wash is my favorite one in town since its pretty fast and gets the job done well.
Anu Kaur
Anu Kaur
This is my go-to gas station! My one stop shop. The gas prices are always the best in the area. The mart has really unique snacks and drinks that I cannot find elsewhere. And most importantly I can always trust Havi and staff to take care of the smog checks for my entire family. The staff here is always respectful, friendly and very efficient. I always feel like I’m family when I’m her. Since they added their DMV services some time back, I haven’t had to go back to the ridiculous lines at the DMV to renew my registration!
Blake Crowe
Blake Crowe
Worst she’ll ever
Richard S
Richard S
Quick and easy smog test
Harinder Dhillon
Harinder Dhillon
Sycamores Shell Services provided SMOG Check (Licensed by sate of California)Star certified.DMV service to all kind of vehicles. Great price for carwash.ATM,Bitcoins Shop you can buy food ,smokes ,beer wine ,Oil,Additive,gas treatment,vipers,globes,tyre gauge,tire fixer,gift cards,Phone accessories

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